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biography::Mirali Seidali oglu Kashkay.



            Academician Mirali Seidali oglu Kashkay was born on January 7-th 1907-in Gyanja. This outstanding Azeri scientist devoted all his life to the study of geology and natural resources of the Caucasus.

            In 1934 M.A.Kashkay defended the candidate dissertation dedicated to geological- petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the Isti-Su mineral springs. In 1942 he defended dissertation, dedicated to the basic and ultra-basic rocks of Azerbaijan and acquired the degree of Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences.

            His scientific activity was many-sided, namely: mineralogy and geochemistry, tectonics and magmatism, petrology and metallogeny, mineral waters and thermal waters, stratigraphy and lithology, building materials and so on. Given above is the not complete list of geological fields, to the study of which M.A. Kashkay devoted himself. By right he can be called the founder of the Azerbaijan mineralogical-geochemical school. He was the first who discovered some fields of the metal and nonmetalliferous economic minerals and large fields of perlites in the Lesser Caucasus. He also solved a number of fundamental problems of the ore formation. He was not only a gifted scientist, but a prominent organizer of the Institute of Geology as well, and in 1945 M.A. Kashkay was one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and the first academician-secretary. He also promoted organization of geological-geographical faculty. Chairman of Petrography, Mineralogy and Crystallography and the Museum of Geology and Natural Resources in the Baku State University. He trained hundreds of qualified experts-geologists. Throughout the years M.A. Kashkay was at the head of the Department of Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Ore fields in the Institute of Geology. Huge is his scientific legacy 35 candidate and 10 doctor dissertations were defended under his supervision. He published more than 600 papers and 35 monographs. Such papers as "Basic and ultrabasic rocks of Azerbaijan", "Mineral springs of Azerbaijan", "Prelities and obsidians and their physics-and chemical peculiarities", "Petrology and metallogeny of Dashkesan", "Alunites, their genesis and application", "Listvenites, their genesis and classification" are invaluable contribution to the world geological science.

            Those who knew academician M.A. Kashkay remember him as an uncommon, well educated and erudite scientist of encyclopedic knowledge, outstanding public benefactor and Citizen.

            M.A. Kashkay died on April 23-rd 1977 in Baku.





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